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for you i'd bleed myself dry

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Birthdate:Oct 22
Location:Texas, United States of America


look at the stars (see how they shine for you)
To describe myself in a few words, I am: a mommy, a wife, a friend, and on occasion, a writer.

Friending Policy: If we're friends on LJ, we'll be friends here, too. If I don't know you, comment HERE with your username and tell me who you are. Don't just friend me and expect me to friend you back. I don't do that. I have trust issues.

DeFriending Policy: I do occasionally trim the flist. It's no big deal really, if you want to stay, say so and you'll stay. I just tend to not have a lot of time online, and if someone never comments, or I have no idea who they are, I remove them from my flist to free up space for people I know and love.

Fandomly (is that a word?) speaking, I'm currently most likely to be found reading either Jack/Daniel (SG1) or Hotch/Reid (Criminal Minds) fanfic. My tastes change constantly, however. Next week I could be rereading countless Willow/Angel (BtVS) fics from way back when. With me, you never know.

Emerald Illusions (all my fic); Emerald Design (my recent fic and graphics); My Live Journal

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